Tone Generator Frequency Resolution

Can anyone tell me what is the frequency resolution for the Tone Generate?
Can audiocity generate this signal example: 1001.123456Hz?

The tone generator is accurate to at least 0.001 Hz and probably much more.
This does not mean that your sound card is capable of playing with such accuracy.
Why are you asking?

When you mentioned that the tone generator is accurate to at least 0.001Hz and probably much more, what does much more means? If I tried to key anything more than 0.001Hz on the audiocity, it will always round off, so I have no way to check how much more it can generate?

The reason I’m asking is I want to generate a wav file which will eventually encoded to a aac file with has an audio frame timing of 42.6666666ms. And for x second and x cycle of audio frame, I may required a audio frequency of certain resolution.

But, I’m not sure to this point whether it is very necessary for me to generate the audio frequency at this resolution as I’m still looking at the alternative to have a time length of audio frame where I can skip this limitation in the frequency resolution. Hope I dun sound complicated… :mrgreen:

Not so much complicated as still not saying what you are trying to do.

Audacity 1.3.5

  1. Generate a 1 minute tone at 1000 Hz
  2. Generate a 1 minute tone at 1000.0001 Hz
    Compare the final sample of each waveform and you will see they have slightly different values. Even after 10 minutes the difference is less than 0.1 cycles.
    Beyond 0.00001 % it is difficult to observe the difference without using very long tracks.

I’m trying to generate a wav encoded in aac format which will eventually combine with my progressive 59Hz video frame and output seamlessly. So, timing of the audio frame is important for me to have a seamless output. Meaning, the total time of audio and video frames matches.

Still complicated? :bulb:

I still do not understand.

And also, you say
while Steve proves this is not true with 1.3.5 by steps that I can repeat if I want to get convinced.
Would you use 1.3.5. if your version fails such a test ?
If 1.3.5 fails for you, would you write some steps so that I could see the claimed rounding off?

Every video editing program that I have used supports 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz 16 bit wav files seamlessly. What’s the problem?