Tone Generation

Hello All,
Does anyone know how I could generate a simple tone in the tone generator and pan the volume to zero and back to normal x number of times per second, ie 4/sec, 8/sec etc, but keeping the tone frequency the same?

If you just want to modulate the amplitude,
you could do that with Audacity’s native tremolo effect

If you want to pan you’ll need a plugin: Panning (LFO) …

Thanks Trebor i’ll check it out. So if I generate a Tone of 100hz and under Tremelo settings, is the Frequency in HZ how many times/second the volume goes to zero


the frequency used to create a second tone above or below the original frequency; ie 104 hz or 96h ?z

You have to dial-in 100% wet for the volume to go to zero.

It goes to zero at the Hz rate: 2 Hz is twice per second.

Thanks Much. Exactly what I need to know.

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