Tone Arm weight....

Hi…Have just purchased a Digitech Audio player, model GE-4059, and find that there is too little weight on the stylus. Can anybody tell me how I can alter the weight please? Thanks…Trev. H…

If there was a Manual with the turntable, take a look in it to see if the weight is adjustable. Otherwise, cartridge weight on record players is usually controlled by a a counterweight on the end of the arm. If there isn’t a counterweight, you probably can’t adjust the weight in any officially approved way.


If there is no counterweight adjustment on your turntable - then you might try a trick that was used in the old days and add a little extra weight to the headshell. Folk used to tape a small coin (US 1c or dime or - in the UK English farthing) to the top of the headshell. You could also use some Blu-tack, Plasticene or similar.

Please note this is NOT officially approved good practice as it may damage your stylus, the cartridge, the record,or all three - if you overweight the headshell. This is definitely a method of last resort.


If the problem is that the stylus is not tracking correctly (skipping), ensure that the tone arm can move freely and that the turntable is absolutely level before you start changing the tracking weight.