Toggle Button for Recording & Playback

It is time wasting having to move between
Audio settings for Playback and
Audio settings for Recording (WASAPI)
Can I have a toggle button so that I dont have to keep changing
audio settings again and again each time I record from a web page
then want to play it back in Audacity.

A toggle (Audio Settings) button that sets them to either PLAY or REC settings

Or better yet - various button options for Audio Settings
when I incorporate ASIO drivers for H/W or other speaker set ups
ie for other users who have more input/output options
and not just a basic headset or a plug in mic and speakers.

thank you

You should be able to select your playback device under WASAPI. Typically there will be one speaker (loopback) device for recording and another speaker device for playback. There shouldn’t be any problem. Make sure overdub and software playthrough are turned OFF.

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