To reset Audacity, open the hidden folder

Hi Guys,

I saw in a previous loop that tech support suggested doing the following:

“To reset Audacity, open the hidden folder”

I have tried the 'Reset Configuration option but my Audacity still keeps crashing so I am not sure how I open the hidden folder and what to do exactly.

Could I have step-by-step instructions for someone like me who is not totally tech-savvy, please?

Thank you.


Which exact version of Audacity are you using? (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)

When? How?
Please provide as much information about this as possible.

Please see:


You are right, the instructions are missing a step. Add the highlighted line below:

To completely reset your Audacity settings
In Windows System > File Explorer, click the “View” tab then check the box labelled “Hidden items”
Navigate to that audacity folder with Windows Explorer and delete the entire contents. Then restart Audacity.

I hope this helps. :smiley: