To protect HDD, work only on RAM

This is not about speed but about preserving the Hard Drive by avoiding writing to it, to make it last longer.
It would be good to have option/s for having all data only in RAM -even if forfeiting Crash Recovery that is barely used-; one would save Project/Export only if wanted…

At least when using Macros, to have the intermediate Steps not written to disk but all that data worked just in RAM
eg Macro with steps 1,2, 3 and 4, only the resulting Wave data after Step 4 would be written to the Hard Drive;
[when using Macros anyway the intermediate Steps: can’t be Undone/don’t register in ‘History’; only the whole result of the Macro is, so it’s useless to write to Disk those Steps.}

[this request is not intended for too much data that won’t fit in small amounts of RAM; it would be an option/s usefull not for hours long recordings but for eg single song [or less] lenght operations. ]

As I wrote in the other topic, if you really want to use RAM, you could create a RAM disk, though it’s really not worth the effort for speed or longevity.

I used my old laptop for about 7 years, and it was subject to extreme use in that time. It was used for audio work, and for compiling software (which is very heavy on CPU and disk). Some of the characters have worn off the keys, the CD drive packed up a long time ago, the processor fan is now very noisy, but the hard drive is still going strong. I have other hard drives that are more than 10 years old without failure.

Hard drives are designed to be used. If you want your computer to last forever, just leave it switched off :wink: If you expect to get 5 or 6 years of use out of it, be careful not to drop it, but don’t worry about it wearing out. Computers break (through accidental damage) far more often than they wear out.

For example, with

HDDs/solid disks last long [but it also depends on Brand/luck], one can try to make them last longer…
I might try using a ramdisk, but still find useless to have Macros intermediate Steps written to disk…