Tip: using label tracks as a rudimentary transcription tool

I thought I’d post this :bulb: as it might be helpful to someone editing a spoken-word document. I haven’t seen a tip for it before during my time using Audacity.

If you place a label track underneath an audio track, you can quite easily identify the topics it contains, and therefore at a later time & date find a quote or passage quickly and easily. I don’t think there is a maximum number of characters for a label; if there is, I haven’t found it yet.

As you keep up with the audio, keep up with the audio by hitting the space bar as the audio plays through. Type keywords as you go to identify the passage.

You could also give the passages an on-the-fly rating from 1 to 9 to help identify the best-quality content or audio for use in the final edit. For example:

|      Ionotec quote 7

I suggest using a zoom level of two levels down from standard zoom, for ease of navigation forward and backward through the document. Naturally, after precision editing you need to return to this level for the two tracks to sync.

Use a monospace font such as Courier (by clicking on the menu of the label track): this will enable you to insert comments on subsequent run-throughs without throwing out the mapping of the label to the track. Just delete the same number of spaces as the number of characters in your new insertion.

Don’t delete or edit any passages from the original when you come to select them (duh) … just copy and paste into a new track on a new line.

Hope this is of use to folks! If you have any improvements to this technique I’ll be grateful to read them…