Tiny Waveform

I have a puzzling and frustrating situation I cannot resolve.

Today, I installed 2.0.2. I am running Windows XP Professional on a Dell Vostro 1510.

Now when I record voice, the waveform is very small–looks to be somewhere within +0.025 and -0.025. The input volume control in Audacity is at 0.9, as is the microphone volume control for the computer.

When I activate “Start Monitoring” the level never gets above -24.

Playback of the files is audible, but I can’t figure out why the waveform is so small, or why I can’t get more gain.

I’ve posted a sample file for viewing.

Thank you for your input.

See if the Windows soundcard setup has a provision for 20dB Sound Boost. They may call it something else. Start > Control Panels > Sound…



Thanks for the reply–but it didn’t help.

I found under Sounds and Audio Devices/Audio/Sound Recording/Advanced (Advanced Controls for Mic Volume) a click box for “1 Microphone Boost.” I unclicked it, and couldn’t drive better than -36 on the mic monitoring meter. The waveform was even smaller, and the audio fainter. So I opened it again, clicked the box and the mic monitoring meter returned to about -24 at peak, with the tiny waveform.


What type of mic is it exactly (make and model)?

Is it connected to the pink mic input of the computer? Have you chosen the correct mic input in Device Toolbar?


It is a Logitech headset. I’ve used it before, with no issues.

The driver is REaltek HD Audio.

I think this has something to do with a WIndows setting. I installed WavePad just to see what would happen, and I’ve got the same problem.

and how / where is it connected to the computer?

Maybe like this?


These microphones are insanely directional. See if you’re not talking into the back side of the microphone – which will try to reject you. Feel around inside the little foam ball and see if the microphone isn’t turned around.


I HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. at the top left click on edit and then down to preferences and then just try different mic settings. it worked for me!!! u have to do it when ur not recording. oh and by the way i dont know how it happened. i was just playing around with my speaker connections to get rid of static