Timeshift together multiple, but NOT all, tracks in 2.2.2

Hi! I apologize in advance if this is covered elsewhere but am a newbie and having a hard time finding an answer that works.

I have four tracks in my podcast project including an intro audio track, a music track, and most importantly, the two master mic tracks that need to be synced at all times.

I want to move the two master mic tracks out later into the project but cannot figure out how to shift them together without either a) only shifting one or b) shifting all four via the sync-locked option.

Would greatly appreciate any guidance! Many many thanks in advance!

You can create multiple sets of sync-locked track groups.

Sync-locked track groups are defined by having a label track under each group - not an elegant GUI, but that’s the way Audacity does it - see this page in the Audacity Manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/sync_locked_track_groups.html

Then you can mocve each group independently while maintaining synchronization within the group.


Or you can just select the tacks you want to move in sync - click in the Track Control panel of the first track you want and then add to the selection by Ctrl+click in the Tack Control Panel of the other tracks you want to move - then use the time shift tool.

This is easier if doing it infrequently - but the use of Sync-locked groups is more useful if you are moving stuff around a lot.


Hi! Thank you so much for the rapid reply - I greatly appreciate it!

As I’m sure you hear on here often, for some reason that 2nd approach wasn’t working at 1230AM this morning but now is working great!

I think I was holding down the Shift key while trying to move both at the same time (old PPT habits die hard), but when I don’t do that, it works!

Really can’t thank you enough! This forum rocks.