Timer stutters

I have Audacity 2.0.3 on my old Mac with Mountain Lion, and Audacity 2.2.2 on my new Mac with Sierra.

The track timer - which ticks away as you record music - seems like it stutters in 2.2.2

When I look at the timer on my old Mac the fraction of seconds flow nice and smoothly.

Is this a setting issue or a bug or design issue?

Sierra or High Sierra?

The track timer - which ticks away as you record music

That’s fuzzy. Are you recording against the Metronome or Click Track? Or it is just metaphorically ticking away? I think that’s normal. My time line cursor always jerks a bit during recording. Is it audible?

I did notice when I did an update to High Sierra from an earlier version that my machine now has occasional Spinning Beach Ball Of Death events here and there, and I’m not doing anything particularly intensive. That’s when the Mac falls behind slightly from where it thinks it should be.



Oops! Just a figure of speech!

Is there any easy way to record a mini video of what I see and upload it here?

This is purely a cosmetic thing.

Truth be told, I get my rocks off watching time (and my life) rapidly tick away when I am listening to radio shows and feeling nostalgic!

v2.2.2 screws that up because if will count off a half a second in a spurt, and then pause for a microsecond, then do that again.

It almost looks like it is filling up a tank with water, and once it gets to the top, it pauses, empties things, and starts over.

Any way I can show you what I see?

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Not sure how helpful this will be?


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