Timer recording works well but...

Using Timer Recording allows my to not have to start recording at 3am and to stop it at 2am. This makes me happy.

However it prevents me from changing the audio level when the signal is weak. I learned to minimize the tracks and move them aside to give me some desktop but I still cannot make adjustments to the audio as needed. If there is something happening in the audio that I want to remember, I cannot set a (^b or ^m) note or memo.

Is there any advancement in the program redesign to prevent locking up Audacity features when using timer recording?

There has been a long-time proposal in the Audacity Wiki for this (I wrote that proposal, I am a big users of Timer Record).

We are a very small team of part-time volunteers who run this open source project - and sadly none of out tiny team of developers has foun time to pick this up yet. I will continue to lobby for it.



I patiently await with worm on tongue.

Don’t hold you breath …

I’ve been waiting for quite a long time now :wink:

I will try to get our lead developer James interested in this again - he thought about it a few months back but then got sidetracked onto other more important stuff.

Would you like me to add your vote for this feature request ?


Yes, if it will help. Add me enthusiastically…
Also, it would go a long way for my if I could set a second timer when I set the first.
They would be sequential, not simultaneous. I would, for example, like to record 3am to 2am into one file then 3am to 3am into another file. It would totally save me a trip back the the computer at 3am to set the second one.


Ah that’s a different Proposal (I’ve added your vote for this)


Worms on tongue are getting crowded in there (-:

If you saw the number of FRs and Proposals that we have - and the few number of devs we have you’d be amazed … :laughing: :sunglasses:

I can appreciate that…