Timer recording in background

I wish to record an audio subject from my browser that begins in one hour and has a duration of 30 minutes. Using the “transport” record dialog, I believe I set up audio to accomplish this task successfully. Using this method, I find that I cannot minimize Audacity in order to place it in background. In fact, all other control over Audacity is lost. If I wish to restore control, I must cancel the timer recording. This seems to make the timer less than useful. Is there another way of scheduling a recording without dedicating my computer entirely to that task?

Yes. Timer Record. Audacity has the same restrictions in Timer Record that is has in real time. If you’re recording a YouTube channel (for example), You lose control of network services and both Recording and Playback sound. It’s one of the reasons Audacity doesn’t get along with Games, Chat and Skype. Two (or more) programs having a vigorous, bloody fist-right as to who is going to control the services.

So this may be a two-computer job. Or capture the work some other way. Some presentations allow downloading rather than capturing in real time.


I follow. I had not thought of the difference between downloading and capturing. I could use my tablet which picks up the internet from my router while my computer is dedicated to Audacity. Another thought: is there an Audacity app for my Kindle-Fire HD tablet, so that I could dedicate the tablet rather than my desktop computer?

Not Audacity that I know of. Is there an APP for that?

If somebody said I had to record odd hardware, I’d adapt the sound (headphone out??) to my little Olympus stand-alone sound recorder. I got the cheapest one that would record full “CD” sound quality.

“I can’t do that” is not a good answer when somebody is paying you.


Thanks to all!

What is you want to do while Timer Record is running? Just task switch (ALT + TAB) to the other apps you want to use. I am writing this while doing a Timer Record from another tab in the web browser.

If Audacity was maximised, maximise the app you want to work in.


I would like to go to other websites, but I don’t think that would be possible.

I am using the Windows 7 platform on a desktop computer with Audacity’ program rather than an app. I use the term “app” for a tablet program. I just want to be clear about what I am doing. Thanks!

It’s perfectly possible I do it all the time.

And yes you do lose access to the controls while Timer Record is eithere waiting or recording. It was designed that way from the outset. We do have a proposal in the Audacity Wiki to grant access to the controls in Timer Record, the same as it is for manual recording - but it’s a fair piece of work and is unlikley to be in the next release. You may be pleased to know that we’ve recently had a new developer improve the user interface (great improvemnts imo) and these will be in the next release.

If you’d like to see a preview have a look at the updated page in the alpha Manual: http://alphamanual.audacityteam.org/man/Timer_Record

Like you, I’ve always wanted access to the controls during a Timer Recording - that’s why I started the proposal: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Proposal_Timer_Record_Improvements_Phase-2


For “app”, read “program”. Windows 10 refers to apps now, not “programs”, even when running on a desktop machine.

When you have Timer Record going, simply hold ALT on your computer keyboard then press TAB to go back to your browser, instead of using minimise.

Do you want to “vote” for being able to minimise Audacity while Timer Recording?