Timer Record: Save to mp3 defaults "monaural"

Got the latest 3.4.1 installed. When I try to save(export) to mp3, the pop-up GUI defaults to “monoral” even “stereo” was chosen previously. I’m using Ubuntu 22.04

Testing on W10 with 3.4.1 (and the Beta test for 3.4.2 and the alpha test for 3.5.0)

I cannot reproduce this - stereo is properly offered as the default if I have stereo audio tracks -

I only get mono if I only have mono tracks in the project.


This may be a function of whether or not your project is mono or stereo. I can reproduce this when saving a mono project, but NOT when saving a stereo project.

To reproduce, Timer Recording → Automatic export → Chose MP3

OOH so it does.

I think this is a bug - if you have your Audio Setup set to record in Stereo then I think this should default to stereo.

And this looks like a regression - a quick test shows that 3.0.0 did not do this.

I will log this as a bug on Muse’s GitHub later.

@fory good catch, thanks for the report :sunglasses:


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Timer Record automatic export defaults to mono when project is set to record in stereo #5580


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