Timer Record is not starting where it should in the timeline.

Why does my timer record start at the end of my note track instead at 3:00am where I click just before setting the timer record? This has been working very well for me until about two weeks ago.

Did I somehow tell it to append at the end somehow?
(I am not sure if I am attaching these correcly.)

Which version of Audacity are you using? (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)

How did you do that?

v2.3.0 but that should not matter. Something changed about three weeks ago to make the recording start at the end of the label (Memo? Note?) track.

Up until then, it has always started where I clicked just before setting the timer record.

How did I do what?

Testing shows that this is a minor bug that somehow got introduced in version 2.3.0 - it is a regression on 2.2.2 where it works as Emerogork expects.

I will try to find some time to log this - but it’s unlikely to be fixed for the impending next release, version 2.4.0


I’m guessing that you created a project containing two label tracks, in which you added labels according to the BBC radio guide for the weekend, then saved the project. You then selected the 3:00 label and scheduled a timer record to start at 3:00. The first image is a project that you made 3 or 4 weekends ago, and the second image is the project that you made this weekend just gone. You don’t recall what you updated between the two projects.

How much of my guess is correct and what did I get wrong?

For the most part, you are correct. I just tried this on another system and it is strange that the timer recording insists on starting at 0:00 every time. Unfortunately I cannot run the recording on that system. I would prefer it start at 0:00 if I had to give up on starting where I clicked. It would make for a shorter recording.

A possible solution would be:

  1. Export your labels.
  2. Start a new, empty Audacity project
  3. Do your Timer Record in the new, empty project.
  4. Import the labels.

OK this is now logged as P2 Bug #2382
Timer record: if a labels are present recording starts at last label position - not cursor position

Thanks for the bug report Emerogork :sunglasses:


A few points to keep in mind:

.> This started about 3 weeks ago. Was there an update sometime back then?
.> On another computer the recording starts at 0 and not at the end of the existing track. I will check it on a few more systems.

My testing shows that this is a regression on Audacity 2.2.2 - it got broken during 2.3.0 development, a lot longer ago than three weeks


You may be pleased to know that this bug has just been fixed - just in time for 2.4.0

I just tested it as OK on W10 and Mac - it just needs a Linux test now
Timer record: if a labels are present recording starts at last label position - not cursor position


Sooo cool!
I have been exploring so many finger calisthenics to see if I could somehow manipulate settings to get it to work.
Now I can get rid of that worm on my tongue…

Hi Emerogork,

you’ll be glad to know we just fixed this for the (hopefully) soon to be upcoming 2.4.0 :sunglasses:



I appreciate the notification that progress has been made and would have checked out the URL but could not get through the captcha. I am so tired of dicking around with that. I fail so many times and just don’t understand it…
But I do appreciate the effort that was made.

Is there a release date for the 2.4.0 version?

It’s still planned for 7th May - but it might slip a little we are dealing with a few tricky bugs that we’d like to fix