Timer not working/ windows 7

I am a senoir citizen and not a computer wiz but I have been using Audacity for about four years on an XP machine ,
used only to record an internet radio program once a week.

That computer has ceased working and I downloaded Audacity onto a Windows 7 computer and now have the following issue:

The timer function doesnt work. It will start recording but not shut off and I have to do a complete shut down to stop it. I did notice if there was no audio program turned on the timer worked fine.

manual recording was fine.

When I force a shut down I get “bug report”

Thank you

It will start recording

Does it? Do you get the bouncing sound meters and blue waves accumulating on the timeline? If you have the speakers up, is the show there?

Does the show recording go through midnight?


The meters function and the blue reflecting the audio rolls by…just like I would see on the XP computer.

I did notice that now the times on the timer box freeze after about 10 sec.

I did make a few test recordings of streaming audio using the manual RECORD box and they sounded fine. It is the TIMER which appears to be non responsive.


It’s a known issue on a very few machines in Audacity 2.1.2, assuming that is the version you are using. See the pink panel at the top of the page for how to find your Audacity version number.

It may or may not help if you leave the screen showing Audacity throughout the recording and turn off any screen savers. It may help if you check the Region and Language “Format” settings in the Windows Control Panel, in case your format is set to something unexpected for your locale (for example, you are running Windows in English but set the format to Ewondo (Cameroon).

Otherwise, we can’t fix the issue until we see it happening on our machines.

If nothing helps, just go back to 2.1.1: http://gaclrecords.org.uk/legacy/audacity-win-2.1.1.exe.


Thank you for the help. I will try those thing latter this evening.

I did click on the HELP box and it showed numerous failures to start various things and there was an error code 136 which I think is a fault in my registry.


If you have not installed the LAME or FFmpeg libraries, this will be noted as failures to load in the log. Those messages are not relevant to Timer Record.


I installed the 2.1.1 and it works fine.

Thank you for your help


I have the same problem with 2.1.2. The timer record does not stop when I click stop, I have to end the program using task manager. I will try 2.1.1.

FYI I also have this problem since upgrading to Windows 10. Once you start timer record you can’t finish - even after the timer period. Thanks for the link to version 2.1.1 - I’ll install that instead.