TimeMachine causes dropout during recording?

I’m early in my testing, but it looks like TimeMachine automatic backup is briefly blocking Audacity audio recording (causing dropout) when it runs, as my dropouts appear at roughly one-hour intervals. When I disable automatic backups in TimeMachine, I don’t get any dropouts.

I’ve been transcribing audio tapes to digital, and I noticed this hourly pattern of dropouts (as reported by Audacity). I’ve tried increasing and decreasing the buffer, reducing competition from other apps, and moving the temp directory without success.

Has anyone else observed competition between TimeMachine backups and Audacity?

Thanks… Steve

Audacity 2.2.2, MAC OSX 10.13.6

Has anyone else observed competition between TimeMachine backups and Audacity

Time Machine has to stop the system long enough to do the backup. You picked two contradictory tasks.

There are people who have to suspend virus services during a recording because of competing requirements. This may be your version of that.


Have you ever used the Time Machine backups? Are you addressing a specific problem? If you have a brittle machine or system, it’s not a terrible idea to make a plain, straight copy of /Users as well. That will give you an ordinary data backup of all your operating files and folders such as /Desktop, /Download, /Documents /Music, etc.

It won’t do the Apps. That’s system level.