Timeline problem

Mac OS 10.13.4; Audacity 2.0.5

While editing a track, I did something that suddenly cause my timeline to expand to 168 hours. The original track is there and I can play it from the beginning, but I can’t work with it. How to get back to a normal timeline?

Can you see your show all scrunched up over on the left?

I’m sure there are fancy-pants ways to do this, but I would drag-select a bunch of that blank timeline and delete it. Command-F (Zoom Full). Drag more > Delete > Command-F. It should take you about four or five passes to get it down to the show by itself.

I can’t think what you can press to make Audacity do that.

Did you Export a WAV safety file of your show before you started editing it? Like it wouldn’t matter if you closed Audacity and started over because you have your backup sound file…right?


You can Trim-off the excess, (silence?), by selecting the part of the track you want to keep, then pressing “Ctrl”+ “T”.
Then “Ctrl”+ “E” to zoom-out so the selection fits the window.

Thanks very much for the help. Yes, the track was scrunched up to the left. I clicked in the blank space near it without dragging, hit Cmd F, and the and the whole track came back to normal.

Just for info, the blank space was not silence, just a blank extension of the Timeline beyond the track.