timeline problem adding labels

Hello, l am on win xp pro audacity2. Have created multi stereo music recordings and am trying to label each track. I can only label the 1st track and press enter, but when i move the time line to the 2nd track and press crtl+b it goes back to the beginning to track 01. The recording i have created has no gaps. I have not learned how to split tracks yet and this is the first time l have used audacity and a complete novice. Also with the timeline at the 2nd track when l press crtl it plays the recording and l dont know how to stop this. I have read the manual but cant make sense of it as l am not that good with computers and been playing around with this for around 2 months. I hope l have been respect full and would appreciate some help if you can.Kind Regards, Frank.

Hello, re my last message l forgot to give audacity version which is 2.2.2. Sorry.

The current version of Audacity is 2.4.2 and it is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Windows
Although Windows XP is no longer officially supported, Audacity 2.4.2 is believed to work on XP SP3.
Please note that Windows XP is obsolete (See: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/windows/end-of-windows-xp-support)

To add a label at a specified point, ensure that playback is stopped (not just “paused”) and click on the audio track at the place where you want to add the label, then “Ctrl + B”.

I’m not sure what you mean.
In Audacity terminology, the “Timeline” is the horizontal ruler at the top (See: Timeline - Audacity Manual)
This is an audio “Track”: Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual

This page describes audio “Tracks” and audio “Clips”: Audio Clips - Audacity Manual

“Ctrl” on its own should not do anything. Perhaps your keyboard shortcuts are messed up. Try resetting the keyboard shortcuts back to defaults (I’d recommend the “Full” defaults. See: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual)