Timeline playback isn't updating properly.

I’m having problems regarding the timeline playback in Audacity. When I was using previous versions, I used to play the audio track and there were this line which follows the playback, but there isn’t anymore. So it becames a nearly blind playback :stuck_out_tongue: (I see a line when I click the audio track, which updates for less than a second).

I tried to reset Audacity to its defaults, tried another user, even rebooting my computer, and I wasn’t succeeded. Any Ideas? Maybe is it in the wxWidgets library?

I’m using Audacity 2.3.3 in Fedora Linux 31.

Thanks in advance,

There “should” be a “playback cursor” that moves across the waveform during play / record. Testing on Debian, Mint and Ubuntu, this works as expected. We don’t create binaries (executable apps) for Linux, we provide the source code, and Linux distributions build the binaries for their Linux distro. This sounds like there’s a problem with the Fedora build. I’d suggest that you report this bug to Fedora.

In the meantime, you may find it helpful to “pin the play head”. This will (assuming it works correctly), scroll the waveform on Play so that the play position remains in the centre of the Audacity window. See: Timeline - Audacity Manual