Timeline not moving on record

I just installed v2.0.5 and when I click the record button the cursor line just jumps a bit at the beginning of the elapsed time but never actually moves across time.
The line moves OK if I import a pre-recorded file and play it.

Forgot to include I am using Windows 7 and ran the .exe installer

Make sure Transport > Sound Activated Recording is not ticked (not checked). If it is, click it to turn it off.

If you are recording with Windows WASAPI host chosen in Device Toolbar, try playing the audio you want to record then the recording cursor should move.

Reboot the computer if the recording cursor is still stuck.


Thanx Gale. Problem turned out to be I had selected two different devices for record and playback. I have available WsAudioDevice_3835 and Conexand SmartAudio HD, and I had selected one in playback and the other in record.

I think those WsAudioDevices are not physical devices but “virtual” devices installed by “Wondershare” programs for recording computer playback or converting video to audio. Be a little careful as some people regard Wondershare as spyware.



I got the same problem, when make recording, sometime the timeline stuck and don’t move, if I close and re-open Audacity or restart my computer, Audacity may work normally.

My set up is:

DAT–> Optical–>Creative Premium HK–>USB–>Computer/Audacity–>ASUA Xonar STX card.

Do I missing something :unamused:

As it says in this topic, that is the correct solution.