Timelag shotcut->audacity->shotcut feature

New to this forum - occasional Audacity user, not sure where to post this. This has happened twice for me many months apart.

Here’s the workflow -

export from shotcut a soundtrack as mp3
import it to audacity (latest at 2023-03-20, whatever version number that is, running on m1 mac)
do noise reduction
export to mp3
import the mp3 to shotcut and view next to original audio

There appears to be a very slight lag in the processed audio. Over a decent period, say half hour or an hour the processed audio runs out of sync with the original - its delayed - I couldn’t estimate how long, not very long - a couple of video-frames worth. How this occurs I’ve no idea - it could be occurring at any of the points in the process (note shotcut exports and imports without creating any lag so its something with Audacity) but its just a very slowly-increasing lag. Next time I do one I’ll be more thorough in checking it out and reporting. In this case it wasn’t synced with video on that track so I could live with it but sometimes it would be bad.

  1. Is this a known feature?
  2. Where should I post this ?



Does this happen with .WAV files or just with .MP3s ?

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