Timed Recording

Can I set a recording time - I want to record a LP and know about how long it is so it would be great convenience if I could set a time for the recording to shut off or better yet just pause so I can record side two of the LP on the same track. The record player of course shuts off at the end of the side.

You can’t set timed recordings in 1.2.x, but you can in 1.3.3 (and will be able to in the next stable release, I believe).

And I don’t think you can set it to pause on timer event - but you can work around that.

Set it to timer to record side-1 and stop recording. Then ensure the cursor is at the far right of the recording - click the double right arrow icon. Then set it to timer record side 2 and stop. You will end up with 2 stereo tracks, one after the other - these will be merged into a single stereo track side 1 then side2 when you export. Or you can merge them into a single stereo pair track with Quickmix (in 1.3.3 it’s slightly different - use Mix & Render).