Timed Recording Failed?

I have successfully made numerous timed recordings using Audacity on my MacBook Pro. However, yesterday was the first time I attempted a recording without having the external power adapter attached to the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook had more than 50% power when I set it up to record. However the recording failed to start. Does anyone know what I should do so that the recording starts under these conditions?

The MacBook had more than 50% power when I set it up to record.

Doesn’t count. The battery counter in a Mac is notoriously inaccurate. Some of the Mac System tasks will flat out refuse to run on batteries, instead requiring shore power. There could be something wrong, but I’m not surprised it does that.


Was the computer sleeping when the Timer Recording was supposed to start?

If not, did you have Transport > Sound Activated Recording on, which might stop it starting to record?


The MBP probably went to sleep waiting more than an hour to start. However, with the power adapter attached, I never had it fail to start after a long wait. Maybe Koz is right and the battery died during the wait.

Audacity Timer Record won’t wake the Mac if it is asleep.

Check the System Preferences in case sleep starts earlier by default if you are on battery power.


I have my Macs set to never sleep as long as I’m connected to shore power. I do long critical events and I can’t have it nodding off in the middle of something.

I did a corporate recording once and I didn’t plug in the power device right. Worse, I didn’t check it. The Mac was in the last minute or so before going to Battery Sleep when I caught it.

“Wait, isn’t the adapter supposed to have a green light on it? Oh, S@#&%!”