Time windows

At the bottom of the Audacity window there are three panels with times. Over them there are
three buttons, named Selection start, End, Length, Audio position. Of the two, End and Length,
which should I select when recording (digitising)? I have experienced that digitising stopped
after a time I didn’t set myself, and then found out that I can set a maximum time in the
middle panel with number in - hours, minutes, seconds. But I am unsure about End and Length.
What do they mean?

If you are there to stop the recording you don’t need to set a selection. If you do add a track and set a selection and Transport > Overdub is on then recording stops at the end of the selection.

Please see Selection Toolbar - Audacity Manual .

Use Transport > Timer Record if you want a simpler way to record for a specific time.


Thanks, I’ll try those tips. My problem was that if left to itself, it seems to set a time
such that digitising stops before I want it to.