Time to place first label - missing -FIXED! thanks

I haven’t used Audacity for a while and upgraded the version I was using to 2.3.3. I found that the “subject above” was missing. I wanted to start labels at a certain point and that was not an option in that version (or in the new 2.4.1). I needed to downgrade (2.1.1) to get the feature i needed. Am i missing something that i can’t find that feature? And if not, could it be put back in?
Thanks for the help.

Label creating in Audacity has not changed for many moons now - not since the transition from 1.2.6 to the 1.3 Beta series

Ctrl+B (Cmd+B on Mac) will create a label at the current cursor position

Ctrl+M (Cmd+. on Mac) will create a label at the current playback/recording position


BTW 2.1.1 has a nasty bug in it if you use “Save As” rather than “Save” to save to the existing open project.


Thanks for the quick reply. And i may be on the wrong forum. I have Windows 7 & 10.
I’ll explain a little more on my issue.
I want to place multiple labels at a specific interval starting at a specific time. That’s where my problem lies. Yes, i can place a label anywhere, but i want to start the series of labels 2.5 sec into the music and I want the labels to be 2.4 sec apart. I can do that in 2.1.1, but i cannot do it anymore in the newer version. The option “time to place first label” is no longer there.
Thanks again.

No problem - I’ve moved this topic to the Windows forum.

That option was removed because it is not really necessary.
To start the labels at a specific point, just place the cursor at the point where you want the labels to start. The first label will be created at the cursor position, or if there is a selection, the first label will be at the start of the selection.

There are multiple ways to place the cursor.
The quickest and easiest (but not totally accurate) is to just click on a track.
If you need the first label to be at exactly the correct time, enter the time in the “Start” time control in the Selection Toolabar.

Hi Steve,
Wow, quick reply. Thanks!
But… still can’t do what i want. I’ve attached a photo of what i was able to do in 2.1.1 with the feature that i used.
When I tried doing that in the latest version, I’m not getting another label track and I can’t figure out how to add extra labels from my selected starting point. When i do try to do the intervals, it just starts from 0 again. I’ve attached a photo of the new version result.
Yes, i see that i can place a label anywhere i want, but how do i make a second label track and then add subsequent labels from that point? Maybe I just can’t figure out how to add another label track. Once i select the starting point
Sorry… having trouble.
Thanks again.
Ps… found out how to add Label track and placed a mark at a spot, but cannot figure out how to add more labels on that same track. When i got to regular interval labels… it starts a new track at 0.
Audacity 2.4 second try.JPG
Audacity 2.4.JPG
audacity 2.1.1 result.JPG

If, for example, you have a project containing 1 audio track that’s a couple of minutes duration,
and a label track below it containing some labels,
and you want to add a new label track with the first label lining up with the start of the audio,
and then labels at intervals of exactly 2.4 seconds…
(is that similar to what you want to do?)

  1. Click on the “Select” button on the left hand track panel of the audio track

  2. “Shift + Click” near the left end of the track, and drag the start of the selection to line up with the start of the audio.
    You will probably need to zoom in to line it up precisely.

  3. Run “Regular interval labels” with these settings:


LOL… yes, Steve, that worked. Seems like a lot, to do but it works!
thanks for your help!

The only thing that is really any different is that you now set the start of the selection where you want the labels to start, rather than selecting from the beginning of the track and specifying an offset in Regular Interval Labels.