time sync issue between usb turntable-mac Audacity software

I am attempting to record old lp vinyl from an Audio Technica usb turntable into Audacity via a MacBook Pro. The recording levels are fine but when I hit record, there is a latency in seeing the analog signal being converted into Audacity tracks and then it crams 30 seconds of data from the lp record into 1 second of Audacity recording time. So when you play it back it is super fast and unusable. Is this a sync problem between the turntable and the software? This is very frustrating because I do hear the record as it is being recorded and it does show up on the screen as being recorded, just not in the right time sync. Please advise on what the issue may be.

Unplug the turntable and restart Audacity. Try to record your MBP built-in microphone. Select it with the Device Toolbar in Audacity.


Turn the volume down on the speakers.

Say “hello, one, two, three.” Stop and play it back. Did that work?