Time stretching

Hi everybody,
Could you please give me an advice concerning the following problem ?

I have a videoclip with good image but the sound is horrible.
What I would like to do is replace the videoclip bad sound (mp3) with the same good sound (mp3 too) that I got elsewhere on my hard drive (in an audio files folder)

Unfortunately there is a “time stretching” and “lip-sync” isssue, because :

  • The mp3 included in the videoclip is 3 min 3sec length
  • The mp3 I would like to use is 3 min 0sec length

So is there an easy way to “time stretch” my external mp3, changing its lenght from 3’0’’ to 3’3’’ , it shouldn’t be a problem if the “pitch” changes (it shouldn’t be noticeable because it’s 3 sec compared to 3 min)

Could Audacity do this ? Or maybe another easy program to use ?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


– Bill

Wow that was fast, gonna try it right now.
Thank you Bill !