Time stretching when usin "play-at-speed"

Hi, I’d like to change the speed of all the tracks. So I use the Play-at-speed button in the bar, up right corner in my screen. That’s what I want, and It’s perfect

The problem is that using that, you change the pitch. If you slow down the playback, you pitch down the tracks, and viceversa. So I’d like to speed down/up the playback without changing the pitch in real time. I know there’s an option in “effect/change pitch or change tempo”, but I wanna use an instant momentary speed changer, not a effect to process. As ease as it is, but without changing the pitch.

Thank you!

Audacity doesn’t do very much in real time. It’s a post production editor. Play At Speed is the equivalent of dragging your finger on the record. Everything goes down.


Ammm. yeah, but when synchronizing 2 audio tracks is tremendously useful to have this feature. Wouldn’t be great to add it?

As I understand it, Play At Speed doesn’t actually affect the sound data. It just presents it at different speeds. If you’re trying to use Audacity as a live production playback system… um …good luck.


Hi, I’m not trying to use Audacity as a live production playback. I’m just requesting a feature that I found very useful. When syncronizing 2 audios (tracks of films in different languages), which is pure production, this feature would help me a lot, by just slowing down the tracks so the sync is better and more accurate.

Also, when opening mogg or multitrack archives, It would be really useful, cause I could play the guitar along at a slow speed. Now I can’t because slowing down the speed changes the pitch. So, as a guitarist and uploader/audio editor, I think it’s not a SUPER HARD feature (indeed, Audacity already has it, but it affects data sound, so it take a while to do it, specially when working with 2h length tracks :frowning:) and a very useful one.

Thank you for your attention, happy new year!

I’ll see your vote is added. Play-at-tempo is asked for from time to time.

If you have a feature request (rather than a problem you need help with) it is best to post to Adding Features - Audacity Forum .


Ok, thanks. I thought initially that this feature was already done, since Audacity can change the speed without changing the pitch, but affecting audio data. I better create a feature request. It shouldn’t be hard to add it cause Audacity already has it.