Time Shifting

Is it possible to time shift just a portion of a track, as opposed to the entire thing? Only part of my track is out of alignment with the others. Shifting the entire thing fixes the problem in one area, but creates other problems in other areas. Does that make sense? Thanks.

You could create a new blank track, select and copy the out of sync sections to the new track, and then time shift the new track to wherever it needs to be. Mute the old, out of sync sections with the envelope tool (two white arrows and bent blue line). You can do fades with the envelope tool and make the edges all line up.


An alternative which might be better depending upon just what your tracks contain (assumes you are using v1.3.14 and that your tracks are stereo tracks):

Select the section that is out of alignment and then:

  • Edit…Remove Audio…Split Cut
  • Tracks…Add New…Stereo Track
  • Edit…Paste

Assuming your selection was in the middle of your track, you now have two tracks: one with two clips (the bit before and the bit after) which you can timeshift and a new track containing the problem bit which you can also timeshift. This method gives “rough edges” at the two cut points and you may need to apply some very short fades out and in to smooth them off. That shouldn’t be a problem since you mentioned wanting to align with the contents of another track. These little fades should get smothered in the final mixdown.