time shifting clips

  1. Having trouble time shifting clips (parts of the individual track) that were slightly off the beat. It appears that when I highlight the section i need to move as the manual says, the entire track moves instead of just the clip. WHAT DO I DO? Thanks
  2. When i record, I’m pretty much on the beat, but on PLAYBACK, I’m 1/2 beat off; so I have to time shift the entire track. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

To move an audio clip, there must be enough free (empty) space to move it to - audio clips can not overlap on the same track.
If you have several clips on the same track and you want to move just one of them, ensure that the other clips are not selected (highlighted).
Also, check that “Sync-Lock” is not enabled. These terms are described in the manual here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/manual/help/manual/man/tools_toolbar.html#timeshift