Time shifting bookmarks


Since the time shift tool was replaced with the drag bars on waveforms, there is no way to timeshift any bookmarks, which renders them useless for me. When I’m editing a podcast, I will bookmark where sound effects and clips need to be inserted. As soon a clip is inserted, previously I would have dragged the bookmarks to align with the end of the newly inserted clip, Thus ensuring that all the bookmarks shift accordingly. Now bookmarks are fixed, and I cannot find a way to move them so that they align as I insert new clips.

Any advice on how to rectify this please.



For point labels, click and drag the circle on the label stem.

For region labels, note that they now have a thicker horizontal bar - click and drag that bar.

Full details here: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/editing_resizing_and_moving_labels.html

And if you you use Sync-Lock you can get the labels to move with associated clips provide the label is within the range of the clip.

There is a bug with Region labels whereby if two are adjacent at the shared boundary of a pair of adjacent clips -then both labels get moved.
It happens that both labels are technically within the range of the clip - one covering the label to be move, but the other label touches it at the boundaty

I thought I had previously logged this issue on GitHub - I’ll look again and if I can’t find this I’ll log it.


Found it - I logged it a while back on 6th August
Sync lock can move touching labels #1436

This one also has same bearing on this also logged back in August
Sync-lock not honored when Timeshifting labels #1540

So the syncing works if you move the labelled audio clip but NOT of you move their labels.


The problem with using sync lock is that it will move the audio as well though, I think, which would have already been done by the insertion of clips. Moving each bookmark wouldn’t solve it, as if I do that, I may as well simply find the points and insert further clips? With the time shift tool, they all moved along together, when I aligned the last moved mark to the end of the inserted audio. That’s what I’m trying to replicate. I like the new time shift label system, but it’s not effective for bookmarks, and is where the tool would have been useful. Maybe I’m doing something wrong… I am still relatively new at all this, so apologies if I’m being thick… it wouldn’t be the first fine!

Thanks, and grateful for any help and advice!