Time Shift

Is there a way to move a track precisely? I do post production work for a local theater group. On a recording I could have anywhere between sixty to one hundred tracks, a majority of them being sound effects. What I need is a way to move a track one second or less in either direction. Ex:
Doorbell rings, someone opens the door, walks in the room, the door shuts behind him. I need to be able to adjust those four effects so that when it’s played in the theater it sounds real


This short 2-minute Audacity video shows how to move clips around in Audacity 3.1.x: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpA138b-J9s. Moving clips starts at 0:53.

Some people have clips that can be difficult to position precisely. For those clips, you can zoom in and create a label with Ctrl+B to mark exactly where you want the clip to begin, then zoom out and position the clip to the yellow snap-guide. See: Boundary Snap Guides