time shift?

Back in the 80’s I used to record a lot of live music using a sony tcd-5m cassette. I would get a soundboard line feed on 1 channel and put up a nakamichi cm-700 mic for the the other channel.
The mic was about 35 ft from the stage. I would like to adjust the tracks to account for the delay in the microphone channel and then matrix the the 2 sources. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

record the tape into audacity as a stereo track
Click on the track name and select “Split Stereo Track” from the drop down menu
Click on the name of one track and set it to mono, then repeat with the other track
Use the time shift tool to drag the line feed track about 30 ms to the right.
Zoom in on a percussive sound such as a drum hit to check they are lined up correctly and adjust as necessary.

Thank you for your advice. I’ll give it a try…Bob