time shift tool issue

audacity 2.3.0

i have created a track and want to go back and insert an audio clip. i go to the selection tool and put it where i want to split the track. then i go to edit and clip boundaries then select “split”. i then go to the time shift tool to move the track to the right to create space for my audio insert and it will not move the track. i hope i am describing this properly. in the end i have two stereo tracks going, one is my unedited track and the other i use for audio id like to insert into the unedited track but cannot split the unedited track in order to insert the audio clip… thanks

When you try to move everything to the right, you might find you have issues because you have -another- clip to the right. The time shift tool won’t push multiple clips at once unless you have all the clips you want to move selected at the same time. You can do that with the selection tool by shift clicking the first section you want to move, then pressing shift+end together. That’ll select from the first clip selected to the end of the track. All can be moved at once then.

Another option is you can take the clip you want to add in, copy it, then simply use the selection tool at the right spot and paste it in. That will move things about automatically.