Time Shift Tool Data Entry

Mac Mini
OS-X 10.9.4
Audacity 2.0.5

There is no data entry for the Time Shift Tool, is there?
“Delay this track 25.3 msec.”
By extension, there’s no way to write down the delay for later on a different song?


If you want to insert silence, this can be done with Generate > Silence or you can copy and paste the silence if you are working with multiple clips in the track.

Also see this plug-in: Missing features - Audacity Support .

Also note the Align commands in the Tracks Menu.

What is your exact use case?


Ad Lib creating large room echo with two copies of the track. Pretty much the exact opposite of people trying to get rid of auditorium effect in a recording. And yes, I’m using the reverb effect in addition. I got a desirable result, but little or no way to transfer a track delay value to another show other than magnifying and reading the impulse sound offsets.


Click in the time-shifted track. Press J (move cursor to start of track). Read the delay from Selection Start in the Selection Toolbar.
– Bill

I shall try that.