Time shift not grabbing all clips

Using Sync-Lock for three tracks(2 audio tracks and one label track) and various clips floating around the audio tracks, for some conceptual reason I guess, using the time shift tool I move a clip that coincides(intersects) vertically with another clip in the other audio track and moves it as well, yet if it does not intersect vertically with it it does not move it:

Notice also that the labels always move along any clip you move while Sync-Lock is on. Why is this behaviour so?

Windows Vista SP2 Home Premium, Intel Core2 Quad Core 2.4Ghz, 3GB of RAM, Lambda Lexicon USB audio interface.

That’s correct.
If you want to move all more of the clips, select a region that overlaps all of the clips that you want to move and drag from within the selected region. Note that the selection will need to include multiple tracks.
With Sync-lock enabled, overlapping audio clips outside of the selection will also move, but with Sync-lock disabled they will not.

I don’t know. That behaviour has always seemed odd to me, but it is what the developers intended.