Time-Shift Clip to Exact Time?


Is there a way to select a clip and move it to an exact location on the Time Line?

I know I can do this by creating a label in the exact location and then snapping the clip but is there a quicker way?



I think the answer is no, except in very limited cases using Tracks > Align Tracks. That only works if you have only one clip, or if you want to move the first or final clip and accept all the other clips moving.

Is the aim to move the clip without moving others? Is the clip allowed to jump over others, as if you were cutting and pasting?

We’re aiming to have multiple selections ultimately. If that extends to having a selection and a cursor, new Tracks > Align commands might be possible. Otherwise probably you want to develop a right-click command with a timetext spinbox to move selection to start/end at … ?

There are so many useful commands there could be accessed by right-click over the waveform, and we have none yet.