Time Shift Clip Handle issue

Hi, on the new Audacity release the manual says to click and drag to delay the start of 1 track by 5 seconds. When I get the hand icon it doesn’t drag and if I click clip handles on top left of rounded corner I get s white symbol preventing me selecting. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried looking for solutions and using different browser but no luck. Can anyone help me delay 1 of 2 tracks for 5 seconds after the other track has started please.

It won’t drag to the right if you have another clip to the right of it.

Thanks but my other clip is below. I’ve tried snapping to 5 seconds but that didn’t work either.

OK, so I am re-reading your original post.

3.4.0, I take it. Do Help > About Audacity. What does it say, there?

Which manual? Where does it say that ?

I have no idea what symbol you are talking about.


Perhaps you want to post a screenshot?

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