time scale slider improvement to not to change the speed

hi there gale, can you please make the time scale sliding pitch so it doesn’t not change the speed? this would be awesome improvement so i can change the pitch with out changing the beat and speed of the music from 440 to 518 or even 528 thanks. :smiley:

If you mean Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift, leave “Initial Tempo Change” and “Final Tempo Change” at 0 (zero). That works for me. If I apply that to a Click Track (Rhythm Track), the pitch changes but the clicks do not move at all.

Or do you mean Transcription Toolbar?

That is meant to change the speed, but it changes pitch as well. Are you looking for that slider to change pitch without changing tempo?


i’ve tryed that tempo. it sounds like chipmunks when i do that. maybe it’s not the speed?
do you have a clue how i can make it sound normal?

What feature did you mean in your original request? If you meant Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift, do you agree that leaving “Initial Tempo Change” and “Final Tempo Change” at 0 (zero) solves your problem?

As I said, Transcription Toolbar changes speed as well as pitch. That is what it is designed to do.


well it’s hard to explain how it sounds like chipmunks form 440 to 518 that’s the sound i get

If there is a feature request you want to make for Transcription Toolbar ( http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/transcription_toolbar.html ) to change pitch without changing tempo, please make that request, so that we understand what you want. At the moment Transcription Toolbar changes tempo and pitch together, and cannot do anything else.

If you are actually using Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift ( http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/sliding_time_scale_pitch_shift.html ) and it changes speed as well as pitch, please tell us your exact settings in that effect.

If you don’t give us a straightforward answer then unfortunately we don’t know what you want or what your problem is and we can’t help you.


what i want is 1 x the speed and tempo. only if you could do in times instead of percentages.

Do you want to change pitch without changing Tempo? Yes or No?

Where do you want to do that? In Transcription Toolbar? Yes or No? In Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift? Yes or No?

Do you mean that you want the two “%” controls for “Pitch Shift” in Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift to offer a Pitch Shift factor rather than a percentage? Yes or No? This would mean for example that if you wanted the pitch to be 20% higher, you would type “1.2” instead of “20”.


some a long the lines of times like this “1x” instead of % so it doesn’t sound like chipmunks. here i’ll do a recording for you tomorrow to give you an example what by chipmunks it sounds like

also how come that when i do Initial pitch as 518 hz Final pitch and 518 hz it sounds like chipmunks?
am i doing it correctly, the pitch i mean?

Unfortunately we cannot help you because despite asking you numerous times, you still won’t say clearly what Audacity effect or tool you are using.

Are you using this (Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift)?

You can’t enter Hz in there. You have to enter a ‘’‘change’‘’ amount for the start of the track and a “change” amount for the end of the track, in semitones or as a percentage. If you want the change amount to be the same for the entire audio, both the initial and final pitch shift must have the same value.

So if for example you want an increase in pitch in the entire audio that is equivalent to a change from 440 Hz to 518 Hz, enter 17.727 in both the “(%)” pitch change boxes. Enter “0” in both of the tempo change boxes.

Why don’t you use Change Pitch which lets you enter frequencies as the basis of the change?

And are you using 2.1.3-alpha as you usually do? If so, Change Pitch has a checkbox “Use high quality stretching (slow)”. If you enable that checkbox then Change Pitch will use the same algorithm as Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift. Try enabling that checkbox, then Change Pitch will not produce any unwanted length changes in the audio.


i’ve got it. it’s the rate shifter in pitch shifter the sliding time scanle seems to do the rate shifter. so if you put rate shifter on the pitch shifter then it should correct. can you do that so it does it doesn’t sound like chipmunks?

We don’t include any of those effects you mention.

We have explained how to use Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift.

We can’t help you because you are not giving us an understandable explanation of what you want to do, and you refuse to tell us what effect you are using. Frankly you are wasting our time. I am sorry to say that.