Time Delay

I am using audacity 1.3 with Microsft Life chat lx300 x 2

It works very well but I am getting a time delay.

I import audio track, then record voice, this enables the listener to hear my voice and the background, the only slight issue is some people with good hearing can hear me speaking (live) then in the headphones. I don’t want to turn the volume up as this would make everything to loud.

Is there any way to cancell the delay? I have looked and don’t think latency is the answer.

thanks in advance


I can’t quite understand what you are asking. What listeners are listening to what? Are you getting an echo on your recording?

Hi Steve

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my request.

I use audacity with my clients for Hypnosis.

I play a background track which they can hear in one set of earphones and I record on the other set,

They can then hear both.

The slight issue is that some people hear my voice then it comes into the earphones, if I turn the background music volume up it does mask it but I don’t like that too loud.

Hope thats a bit clearer


If you want them to hear your voice through their headphones in-sync with your “live” voice, (i.e. no delay), then IMO there is no software solution to this playthrough delay problem: extra hardware will be required …

Software playthrough introduces its own delay (different from latency) which you will hear in your headphones. Tests on the same system used for the latency test below revealed that the Software Playthrough delay was 65 milliseconds. This doesn’t sound like much, but it’s like hearing your voice coming out of speakers 70 feet away. If you are serious about overdubbing, get an inexpensive mixer and a good microphone to go with it.


I was afraid of that, but thanks very much anyway.