thumb drive record recording to music cd type file

I just purchased a turntable that has a USB port to connect a cable to my computer and a thumb drive port to record to. I purchased the model because of the thumb drive feature. Running the USB cable 30-40 feet doesn’t seem too practical. The manufacturer doesn’t have software that will accommodate using a thumb drive and recommended using Audacity 2.0.3. The music recorded on the thumb drive has the music and blank information because the recording wasn’t stopped as soon as the record stopped. What I need help on is taking the music from vinyl records saved to a thumb drive and turn it into a file like when I save a CD to the computer hard drive. Something like a file for the album, and folders with the name of each song and the music for that song. It would be one file and 12 or more folders for each record on the thumb drive. I would like to have the finished product filed to Windows Media Player or something like it and be able to play or record to a CD. I have played with the 2.0.3 download for hours and gotten nowhere. I am hoping someone can supply me with a simple, beginners step by step on how to do this that I can follow. Thanks, Jim.

see this set of tutorials from the manual: