thought voice vs spoken voice

The idea here is to have a second track, using obviously the same voice, but with some addition to it to make it distinguishable. Basically, I want a “voice of the character’s thoughts” or “narrator’s voice.” I’m looking for an effect, possibly an echo/tinny/reverb or something that will still be understandable, yet distinguishable.

Quick response would be appreciated, as the first track is in the process of being recorded now…

Two different schools of thought …

You could also try a slight bass boost, since I believe we tend to think of “thought voice” as deeper.

Anything different works. If you’re recording this with actual microphones, get close for the thought voice. Establish any normal dialog and apply any change for the thought voice – almost anything. Slight echo or reverb. Put bass in, take bass out. Just be consistent through the show.

There is a terrific history for this. Greek Chorus’ come to mind. I’ve seen a sex change for the thought voice. I think that one was his mom’s nagging in the back of his mind.


An age difference works well too - think of Kevin in the Wonder Years where the adult looks back on and comments on his childhood self - or Richard Dreyfus in Stand By Me.