this thing runs horribly on m1 macs

i can’t find assistance anywhere on this. even before updating to monterey audacity ran horribly on my m1 mac. extremely laggy and a lot of stuff is bizarrely low resolution with very jagged edges. the only potential solution i found, “open in low resolution”, isn’t even an option for me. it literally just doesn’t exist. i have rosetta downloaded, and it seems as if it’s rosetta 2. the only thing confusing the shit out of me is that there are actually people having zero issue running audacity on their m1s. i’ve updated to the latest version too and it still has made no difference.

If you have any “virtual” audio devices (such as “SoundFlower”) installed, try removing them and then rebooting.
Unfortunately M1 help is likely to thin on the ground until more people have them (I’m expecting to stick with my Intel Mac mini for at least another 3 years).

Well, that’s a clever idea. You might be right. This is a bit off-topic, but anyways: as I see it, macOS 10.15 works like a charm, 11 + 12 are funny rainbow iOS touch birthday party carnevals, even if M1 seems to be a real power boat. (…I am also thinking about buying the last iMac 27 Retina (mid 2020) moderately maxed out for CPU and GPU for the small Mac workgroup of four people that I am responsible for as well as for myself privately.)

i don’t believe i do, although i do have obs, does that count?