This may be impossible

So I was recording an interview in a shop and in the middle of the interview some fool started using an air hose while we are talking. You know how loud and annoying air houses are🤦‍♂️. Does anybody have an suggestions YouTube link or anything on how to get rid of or turn it down as much as possible while still keeping our voices.

If there is video turn-down the volume so it’s not so annoying and add subtitles (if you know what’s being said).

Bad-loud noise is usually impossible to isolate and compressed air noise is pretty-much white noise, covering the whole frequency range so you can’t filter it out without removing the voice, [other AI noise removal-software is available].

Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 18.32.45.png
That and it’s beta software. They request you report any bugs for their consideration.