This is silent subliminal am or fm?

This one is AM:

This one’s FM:

Did he say why it does not work?

From that text, he’s NOT saying that AM subliminal (or any “verbal method”) works either.

…I’m a skeptic, and I doubt the dog whistle test is valid either. (He doesn’t cite the study and I have no idea if it’s been repeatable.)

…I something on TV about perception that wasn’t exactly about subliminal perception, but they showed people an altered photo of the Mona Lisa for a short period of time. …I think there was a space ship or something in the background. If the person didn’t notice it, they couldn’t recall it and they couldn’t even tell you there was something wrong, even under hypnosis. The point was, your brain isn’t like a camera or a audio or video recorder… If you are not paying attention or not aware, the information never “gets recorded” your brain. If you’ve forgotten something it may come back to you, but you can’t remember something you never knew.

I’m also a bit suspicious when an author, who claims to be a Dr. (and isn’t), says that he’s experimented with “Scalar waves” (which don’t exist), which he claims are “a new kind of electromagnetic wave” (the theory of the existence of Scalar waves was debunked over 100 years ago), using a mysterious device that he calls a “Scalar information antenna” that some anonymous “friend” invented. It sounds rather “Harry Potter” to me.