Third Repair Track Keeps Disappearing!

I’m using a narration practice audio tape until I know what I’m doing. When I punch-in repair a spot, the system creates an extra repair track and another blank track. Every time! So after awhile I go back and want to run my tape again to see what I have, and my previous production has disappeared. I have looked but I cannot find where the manual, forum or anyone anywhere addresses this problem. And I can’t figure it out. Could you kindly give me the formula to have just one repair track that stays in place until I get to the end of my repairs? :confused:

I think nobody has responded so far because we can’t follow what you’re doing.

I’m using a narration practice audio tape until I know what I’m doing.

This is an actual cassette tape in a cassette player? What’s on the tape?

You’re recording your voice on the computer in Audacity? Are you reading from a script or printed dialog? What does the tape do? You see what the problem is? I can’t tell if everything is working right because I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be doing.

If the goal is to read for Audiobooks, you’re supposed to sound like somebody telling a fascinating story over cups of tea, not presentation announcing for commercials or promotional work.


Perhaps this will be more clear. Please see the attached. If you have further questions, please let me know.

It seems to me that you are overcomplicating your task by recording in stereo. Try changing your recording device to mono. See: Device Toolbar