There is no Microphone audio controller in Sound interface

I’m running Windows 7 , I downloaded audacity off the internet as 2.1 on Windows.
On my computer in the Sound interface, under Recording tab, there is only one device Microphone Realtek HIgh Difinition Audio not plugged in.
So my situation where do I go from here? I’m not able to use the CD driver because the instruction manual says Windows 7 is not compatible.


There isn’t enough information in that post for us to tell what you’re trying to do. One sentence: “I’m trying to record my vinyl to CD.”


More than one sentence would be good, for example:

"I’m trying to record my vinyl to CD. I have the phono output of my Technics turntable connected to the phono input of a Cambridge Audio A5 integrated amp (with optional phono input). The Tape out from the amp is connected to the line inputs of a Behringer UCA 202. The UCA 202 is connected to my Toshiba laptop via USB. The only options that I have in the Audacity Device Toolbar is "Microphone Realtek HIgh Difinition Audio “. I connected the UCA 202 to the computer before launching Audacity but Audacity does not appear to recognise the USB device. The UCA 202 is not listed in the recording or playback sections of the Windows Sounds control panel, though it is listed as a playback device. I have enabled disabled and disconnected devices as described in the Audacity manual.”

That amount of details gives us something to work with.