There is no Listen Tab

Hi everyone, I’m currently trying to record my mic and computer audio, but I’m using an usb headset.
So I tried going to Sound and enabled stereo mix but it won’t pick up any sound due to the fact that it’s not using the Realtek jack but a usb one.
I heard you can fix this by going into properties for Stereo Mix and going into the Listen tab and change the destination of where the sound is going to, but there isn’t a Listen tab.
It only has four tabs: General, Levels, Enhancements, Advance
I just want to know if there is another way to do this, or if I won’t be able because of my computer.
I use Windows Vista and my computer is a HP Pavillion

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I’m currently trying to record my mic and computer audio

Do you mean you’re trying to do overdubbing – play the old tracks into your headphones while you sing to them onto a new track? You don’t use Stereo-Mix for that. Audacity has its own track management that takes care of that.

You have to play the original music from Audacity and record the new voice tracks to Audacity. Audacity has to manage everything. You can’t, for example, play the drums from Windows Media, sing in the microphone and record it in Audacity. That doesn’t work.

We posted three different ways of perfect overdubbing and several others. You only get “perfect overdubbing” by using special hardware or software. The hard part is hearing your own voice while you sing. If you don’t need that, then any headphones and microphone will work. You will only hear the finished, mixed song after you’re done and play the whole thing back later.