There is buzzing every time I speak in playback of the recording and sometimes clipping for the entirety

Recorded in a semi treated room with a Lenovo laptop male to male usb to Phenyx Pro PRX-600 mixer to Synco Mic-D2

Thank you for the help

That mic needs 48v phantom-power.
You need to ensure the mixer is supplying phantom-power to the mic for it to work properly.

About this item …
+48V phantom power switches on all channels enable use with condenser microphones with ease
48v phantom power switches #

The buzzing is mainly when you speak.
It sounds like ring-modulation of your voice with 1000Hz & 60Hz power-supply tones which can leak onto the audio.

I would check that the unused channel(s) on the mixer are not turned up to max.

The only other thing I can think of trying is different audio driver software.
Audacity’s free competitor OCENaudio can use industry-standard ASIO audio drivers via ASIO4ALL. Native Audacity cannot.

Apparently Phenyx mixers use ASIO drivers …

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