There are no Spectral Editing effects [SOLVED]

Good day everyone.

I’ve installed Audacity 2.1.0 from ubuntuhandbook1/audacity ppa
(I’ve also tried latest version “Audacity 2.1.1-alpha-Apr 8 2015” from daily ppa)

And there are no Spectral Editing effects under effects menu, no matter have I selected some spectrogram band or not.
What’s wrong?

There are only three Spectral edit effects and they only work when you have made a spectral selection in a Spectrogram view.

The “daily PPA’s” are nothing to do with Audacity Team (us) and as far as I know their “latest versions” will no longer reflect changes in Audacity code after 2.1.0 because we have moved the code repository to Git and the daily PPA’s are still pulling from SVN.

In short, if the daily build of 29 March does not give you 2.1.0 supplied by us, I would recommend you build the 2.1.0 source tarball yourself using these instructions.


Thank you Gale Andrews, svn version works fine.

Thanks for letting us know.